Grand Prize

$500 Gift Certificate for Ascuba Venture!

Dive Challenge

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Where can I go?

You can get credit for any dives done with Ascuba Venture. We purposely have dives set up so that it is possible for you to make all the locations. Some of the places we go are:

  1. Port Aransas Jetties
  2. Oil Platforms
  3. Texas Clipper
  4. Mammoth Lake
  5. Canyon Lake
  6. Lake Travis
  7. Reveille Peak Ranch
  8. International Trips 

Join us for our Ascuba Venture Dive Challenge! As a shop, we decided to get people out and diving all over Texas and beyond. We want you to dive and we want you to dive with us! 

What does it take?

For only $15 you receive a Challenge Booklet and a T-Shirt. Then just follow the rules and dive with us! If you can complete the challenge by the Christmas Party at the end of the year, you stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!


  • Each diver must have their own Challenge booklet
  • Each diver must complete the FULL Log Page for a minimum of 5 events (3 dives each)
  • An Ascuba Venture Dive Leader must sign off for each dive made
  • Diver must be certified to participate
  • Diver must be present at the Christmas Social in order to win
  • Challenge booklet must be turned in to the dive shop when completed

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