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Adult (Ages 18 yr and older)

Adult Beginner

Teaching an adult non-swimmer to swim is often not an easy feat, often the fear of the water far outweighs a technical inability, so we begin by focusing on comfort in the water using tools to aid in decreasing fear. Gradually those tools are removed, eventually leading to an adult that feels safe and comfortable in the water.The focus is toward comfort and ability in the water, and removal of fear.

18 yrs and older


-2 minute tread
-2 minute back float
-Swim 65 ft with no floation equipment

Adult Advanced

Once the fear of the water is mostly conquered, focus then shifts to technical training. The Adult Advanced program introduces the competitive swim strokes to the adult swimmer: Freestyle, Competitive Backstroke, Breaststroke & Butterfly.

18 yrs and older

-Graduate the Adult Beginner class

-5 minute tread
-Swim 130 ft Freestyle
-Swim 130 ft with Elementary Backstroke

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