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Local Dive Locations

Where we run.

Port Aransas Jetties

Diving in the jetties offers a chance to dive without needing to drive very far to get it. It is a favorite dive spot for local divers.

Distance from Shop: 28 miles

Texas Clipper

A great boat and wreck dive, she is sunk 17 miles off the coast of South Padre. The Clipper is almost like an underwater museum that it is impossible to appreciate in just one dive.

Distance form Shop: 179 miles

Other options.

Canyon Lake

One of the deepest and most scenic lakes in Texas, the average depth is about 43 ft, but depths of over 80 ft can be reached. There are 7 different public parks on the lake that all have great recreational opportunities such as camping, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and much more.

Distance from Shop: 193 miles

Lake Travis

In 1980, Bob and Richard Barstow founded Windy Point Park, which is a part of Lake Travis, west of Austin. Divers will find boat wrecks and metal sculptures of a diver, turtle, shark and other objects. For the deep divers, it is easy to explore below 100 ft around underwater trees.

Distance from Shop: 235 miles
Reveille Peak Ranch

​Decades ago graphite was mined here and the resulting quarry lake is approximately half a mile long in a quite secluded spot on the ranch. This lake is one of the clearest in Texas and the water sometimes "sparkles" when illuminated with dive lights due to the residual graphite.

​Distance from Shop: 250 miles

Valhalla Missile Silo

Valhalla offers a unique dive experience where you are able to explore the inside of a missile silo. It is not open to the general public, a Dive Leader must be leading the group, but reservations are easily made.

Distance from Shop: 475 miles
Blue Lagoon

There are two lagoons and each have different items sunk to explore and divers are given priority. A great shallow place to complete training and brush up on skills as there are several platforms in the lake.

​Distance from Shop: 298 miles
Balmorhea State Park

Known as the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool, it stays nice and warm year round and is crystal clear even at 25 ft. The pool is fed by San Solomon Springs, pumping 22-28 million gallons of water through daily. Great place to go for swimming and diving!

Distance from Shop: 510 miles

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