1 Day



Buoyancy Compensator (BCD)


Air Delivery System (w/computer)



Weights w/Belt



Air Cylinders



Nitrox Cylinders



We DO NOT rent Personal Gear. If you are in need of a mask, fins, snorkel or wetsuit, we have them available for purchase. NOT for rent.

Just visiting or not quite ready to purchase? We have all of your life support equipment available to rent.

All of our rental equipment is serviced on an annual basis to ensure optimal performance. 

How much is it?

You can rent gear for a single afternoon or as long as you need it. Remember that we are closed on Sunday, so a weekend rental will include that day. Price is subject to change until the equipment is rented.


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 For Your Safety:

"For obvious health reasons Ascuba Venture does not provide mouthpieces on Air Delivery Systems for classes or rentals"

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