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It is important to have your gear brought in for service on an annual basis. Not only does this keep your Life Support Equipment in optimal working condition, many manufactures require it to stay within warranty.

What is really being done?

CIP - Certified Inhalation Protection
Air delivery regulators are totally disassembled and cleaned in a special cleaning solution. All parts are inspected for wear and replaced as necessary according to the manufacturer’s service procedures. Air delivery regulators are then reassembled and hydrostatically pressure tested. Performance tests are conducted to manufacturer specifications.

BCP - Buoyancy Compensator Protection
Buoyancy compensators are inspected for buckle strap tension and bladder seam integrity. Inflator mechanisms are cleaned and lubricated. The inner bladder rinsed with B.C. Conditioner and over pressure release valves are cleaned and tested for proper operation, all to manufacturer specifications.

AIR - Air Management & Information Recertification
Submersible pressure gauges, depth gauges, pressure activated dive timers, and dive computers are checked for accuracy in a pressure vessel, and the indicated readings versus true readings are recorded on the customer repair bag. Computers are also checked for battery levels and changed if necessary.

Cylinder VIP - Visual Inspection Program
(Mandatory every year)
Cylinders are inspected internally and externally according to the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation and the Compressed Gas Association. Aluminum cylinders will in addition to the inspection undergo an eddy current test. Neck O-rings will be replaced in cylinder neck.

Cylinder Hydro - Hydrostatic Test
(Mandatory every 5 years)
Cylinders are tested in accordance with DOT/CTC test requirements (to comply with U.S. Federal Regulations) Cylinders are completely inspected, and pressure tested per federal regulations. It is recommended to have the valve serviced during this process.

​Prices on servicing gear can change depending on what gear you have and how many parts are needed to complete the service. Because of this we prefer that you bring your gear into the shop for inspection or call for a rough estimate on price.

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