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Snorkel Keeper - Aqua Lung "Button"

Aqua Lung's Secure-Easy Snorkel Keeper is one great snorkel keeper for any snorkel. The problem with most ridged plastic snorkel keepers is they can get easily tangled in your hair and are difficult to remove and replace from the snorkel tube. The Aqua Lung Secure-Easy Snorkel Keeper lives up to its name. Just lift the tab on the soft rubber keeper and un-due the keeper button from the rubber eyelet, just like when you unbutton the top of your- jeans, and your snorkel releases from your mask, Just like that! If you can unbutton your- jeans you're going to love this keeper. Snorkel keeper is made from durable silicone and makes a great save-a-dive-kit item.

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