Trip Pricing and Refund Policy


Pricing on trips is subject to change until ticketed. The operators can at their discretion add a fuel surchagre.


If we cancel the trip due to weather, the trip can be rolled to another date, credited to your account or refunded.

If for any reason you cancel, your money will not be refunded unless the trip runs full.

Diving Policy

  • The Dive Supervisor is the final authority on our dives. He has the authority to call the dive due to unsafe conditions or unsafe diving. This may be done as a group or individually.
  • All divers must be certified. We encourage you to attend a pool session prior to the dive which can be done at no charge with us.
  • Full equipment in good working order is a must. We do not carry extra equipment so please check yours.
  • Please dive in a buddy team. When your buddy comes up, you should too unless directed otherwise by the diving supervisor. 
  • We have a set limit of 100 feet maximum on our dives. Failure to abide will cause the dive ladder to be closed to you for the remainder of the trip.
  • We encourage everyone to have fun, but must request that you arrive ready to dive. Drinking, drugs and diving do not mix and intoxicated divers will not be allowed to dive at their expense.

Whether you are looking for a quick weekend trip or leaning for a more exotic week long adventure‚Äč, we have a diving spot for you. There are many trips within driving distance if you only know where to look. If you are looking for more of a vacation, we have those too. Trips all over the world, Bonaire, Roatan, Fiji, we will even go diving with Great White Sharks! Whatever your fancy, there are no more excuses. Go out and dive! 


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